Kids Corner

Pasta is a low fat food and a good source of folic acid, iron and numerous other nutrients, making it an ideal food as part of a healthy diet for children. The National Pasta Association offers fun tips and trivia for you and your child.

Fun Facts About Pasta

To cook one billion pounds of pasta, you would need 2,021,452,000 gallons of water - enough to fill nearly 75,000 Olympic-size swimming pools.
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Kids Corner Crafts

Pasta isn’t just for mealtime, but also serves as the perfect ingredient for crafting a special keepsake. Dried pasta, whether it is a wagon wheel, elbow, or penne is the perfect beginning for your next art project. Entertain the kids for hours with these easy to do activities.

Pasta Jewels
Dress-up mealtime with a dazzling necklace or beautiful bracelet made from your favorite pasta.
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Pasta Poses
Use your noodle - Elbow, Bow Tie, Penne, Wagon Wheel, etc. to showcase your favorite photograph.
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